AblySoft Celebrating Lohri: The Bonfire Festival

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                                               Sunder mundriye ho!

                                              Tera Kaun vicharaa ho!

                                                   (Beautiful girl

                                            Who will think about you)

Lohri is a popular festival in the northern part of India especially in the region of Punjab. This day is celebrated with lighting a bonfire and people gathering around it, tossing sesame seeds, gur (jiggery), sugar-candy, rewaries into the bonfire.

Like all other festivals, AblySoft celebrated Lohri with great zeal too! As the Sun was ready to set, AblySoft was all set to celebrate the last day of the Indian Calendar.

As the Bonfire was lit up and everybody offered prayers by putting Gur, Sugar-candy, popcorn and sesame seed into the fire, depicting letting the worries of the past and starting afresh, accompanied by taking the rounds around the bonfire.

After the Lohri rituals, the fun time began with Dance and Dhol. Everybody sang Punjabi folk songs based on the folklore and performed the traditional dance around the bonfire.

Team AblySoft participated in the festive spirit wholeheartedly, bringing their best foot forward.

Lohri Celebration

AblySoft wishing everyone Happy Lohri.

May your year be as colourful and Joyful as the festival of Lohri.

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