#WorkMom – Appreciating Guiding Angels of Ably Soft

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Mother’s Day – a day we express our gratitude and appreciation for the immense sacrifices and unconditional love our mothers have done and given us, a special occasion, celebrated worldwide to show love, respect, and appreciation to mothers.

As we commemorate this beautiful day, we want to extend this celebration to our workplace and recognize the contributions of our co-workers, who in their unwavering love, care, and compassion embody the same spirit as our mothers do in our lives. These are the colleagues who go above and beyond, nurturing and supporting us throughout our professional journey – listening to us, understanding us, giving valuable advice, uplifting our spirits, and being there when we need them.

Through this blog, join us in acknowledging and appreciating these individuals who play a vital role in creating a supportive work environment. – our WorkMoms

With hearts united, spirits high,
We honor those who uplift and guide,
On this Mother’s Day, let us acclaim,
Our office Moms, who kindle our flame.

Here are our co-workers, who are sharing their appreciation and experiences, highlighting the person who is their support and who has made a positive impact in their life.

My Best Critic and Confidante

If I talk about the term ‘WorkMom’, then for me, this is applicable to my entire HR team. They treat me like a tiny tot and are always there for me whether it is professionally or personally. My team is always ready to help me out in every situation with their ‘Desi Nuskhe’ to ‘Allopathy’. They provide me with the yummiest food just like a mother does, even if I am not present, my team always keep my share of the desserts or food they have. 

However, if I have to choose one, she holds the title of WorkMom for me.


“From being a critic to appreciative, a mother-like trustworthy person with whom I can share everything without any hesitation. She is always delighted and happy for my big and small accomplishments”. Thank you for your support, my WorkMom.

My Guardian Angel


My support and someone who nurtures me here at the office is this amazing lady. With an empathetic heart and keen intuition, she effortlessly understands my concerns and resolves them quickly. Her genuine care for me extends beyond office walls, making her a confidante and friend. Whether it’s a celebration of achievement or support during trying times, her presence brings comfort.

My Chosen-Family


I would like to thank her for showing unconditional love and support over the years. She has been so caring and in short time we have known each other so well. Today I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate you for everything you do for me. We may not be related by blood, but you have always been patient with me, guided me and shown care and support like world’s best mother would.

Best Mentor


Thank you for being a mother figure to me at Ably Soft. Just like a mother you have supported me at every stage of my learnings. Best mentor a mentee can get.

My Guiding-Light


On this special Mother’s Day, I want to shine a light on a remarkable mother figure at work who goes above and beyond to ensure my well-being and growth. From making sure I never skip a meal to offering invaluable advice wherever I get stuck, she consistently shows her care and support. With her relentless dedication, she uplifts and empowers me, reminding me that I am capable of achieving big. She has been playing a crucial role in my professional growth.

These were some of the heartfelt notes by our co-workers for their WorkMoms who support and care for them just like our mothers do at home. By showing such gestures to our work colleagues we can create a nurturing and inclusive workplace.  We can build a workspace where each one supports one another and everyone works together to achieve excellence in their fields. 

At last, the Ably Soft team wishes all mothers around the world A very Happy Mother’s Day. You all are amazing and need to be celebrated every day not just one day.

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