Diwali Celebration at Ably Soft – An Annual Workplace Tradition

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Diwali Celebration at Ably Soft

Diwali is one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals celebrated in India. Vibrant rangolis, dazzling earthen lamps, vivid lights, and delicious foods are the real gems in the Diwali celebration. This festival has a special place amongst employees when it comes to workplace celebrations. Ably Soft too followed the tradition and celebrated Diwali with much ado.

Here is a glimpse of the grand Diwali celebration at Ably Soft.


To keep the festive vibe high, the office space was adorned with lights, earthen lamps, flower garlands, and rangoli. The office came to life with such vibrant and colorful decorations. From one workstation to another, the colors shone vividly and brightly as one took a stroll through beautifully decorated corridors. It was indeed a sight to behold.




As Rangoli constitutes a significant part of the Diwali celebration, it is also a fantastic idea to bring everyone together to bring out their hidden creativity.



The splashing of the vibrant hues on the floor imparted an-all new look to the interiors of the office. Everyone worked together as a team to make those beautiful rangoli designs and beautify the space.



Diwali, being the festival of fun, gaiety and jollification is a sheer time to get a taste of Indian culture. And, the best way to celebrate culture is to dress up to flaunt the color of festivals. Every employee donning the ethnic attire looked spectacular and was truly a feast for the eyes. All were really ecstatic to be able to dress to their finest.



Some of us find Diwali synonymous with all the sugary delicacies. So to mark this day we served delectable sweets to our employees to kick start the festive week with some sweetness.


To pump up the enthusiasm of the festive season, we set the stage for all our employees and organized a grand party at the most happening place in Chandigarh, Terminal 7 Club. We made our employees revel in the Diwali celebrations by making them groove on the dance floor on the popular dance tracks of this season.

Diwali-Celebration-Ably Soft

We organized a special Diwali DJ for everyone at the party and let them have a gala time with their colleagues. Many employees baffled us with their amazing dancing skills. Each employee present danced their heart out, irrespective of age and hierarchy.


Diwali is not just a festival of lights but also the celebration of delectable Indian cuisines. Hence, we organized a delicious dinner party on Diwali, comprising tangy and spicy starters, lip-smacking main course, and delectable desserts. The rounds of mocktails and cocktails made the celebration a fantastic blast.



Having dinner together and laughing and sharing thoughts and experiences heightened the happiness of the celebration even more.



Finally, in the end, everyone came together for official photographs dressed in colorful clothes to create memories in the record of the Diwali celebration at the office. All the photographs became memoirs for the employees to take home and cherish all their lives.


The delight of witnessing people capture beautiful moments by taking pictures and selfies will be imprinted in our memories for a very long time.


Festive time like Diwali season is like an escapade from the mundane routine which boosts employees with positive energies and happiness. This joyous festival brings everyone together reveling in the Diwali celebration with enthusiasm and gaiety.

This was truly a memorable day for everyone. That’s how we let our hair down and thoroughly enjoyed the festive rejuvenation.

To get more insights on our rocking Diwali celebration! Look up this cool video.


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