Essential Elements of Work-Life Balance

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Apart from the current economic and political agendas, the most common topic around any coffee machine or washroom break is the work-life balance. But why is it one of the hottest topics of discussion since decades? And why has it become even more so important in present times?

The answer lies right in front of you.

The computer screen your employees are glued to is the reason why they just can’t seem to enjoy work or life at all. Multiple tabs, an overwhelming amount of data waiting to be processed, tasks to be assigned, completed and delivered; the list goes on.

Work-life imbalance often leads to stress, reduced productivity and absenteeism. So now the question comes, how to ensure a good work-life balance to keep employees inspired, rejuvenated and more productive? Here are some ideas, read along…

Results over Hours

Many companies encourage productivity in a way that makes the work environment enjoyable and welcoming. Productivity and results must be given precedence over the time window.

Offices with 8-8:30 hours of productive time have better productivity in comparison to workplaces where employees work for 9 hours or more. Extended working hours or expecting employees to work after office hours eventually leads to burnout.

In simple words: if an employee completes an assigned task in 7 hours, appreciate them for their performance and then give them more work to do. But don’t forget to give them a much-deserved break.

Speaking of breaks…

A Breather Once in a While Doesn’t Hurt

Prolonged sitting not only affects posture and spinal column, it also leads to feeling tired and sleepy. Taking a short breather once in a while helps in keeping stress at bay and improving productivity.

Engage Employees In Recreational Activities

Engage employees in group activities on a routine basis. Including dance classes, yoga sessions and other such activities in office have multiple benefits. Firstly, such exercises keep mind and body fresh. Secondly, they are interesting enough to make employees not want to miss office, and thus curbs absenteeism. Thirdly, team building works best when people engage in such activities together.

Trips to Remember

Traveling is the real mind rejuvenator. A complete break from the monotony of home to office – office to home routine, traveling opens mind to new things and adds to memorable experiences of one’s life. Taking employees on a vacation will help them relax and revive.

Striking the right work-life balance in an office is easier said than done, and that’s what makes it even more important. Companies that give employees a nurturing and healthy work environment happen to have minimum employee turnover rate. Moreover, these are the companies that attract maximum applications whenever they have job openings.

Everybody wants to be a part of a company where it’s all about work hard and having a good time while doing it, are you one of them?

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