Team AblySoft Visits Mashobra, the Hidden Quaint Town of Shimla

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Amidst the rising humidity and rising temperature in Chandigarh Tricity, Team AblySoft figured it was the right time to go for the much-needed vacation to a place away from city life. After scrolling through numerous tabs on Chrome, Mashobra was chosen as our weekend retreat.

For the uninitiated, Mashobra is a small town about 15kms from Shimla. Calm, serene, picturesque, all the adjectives that a bibliophile could muster up for a beautiful hill station can be used for this peaceful town.

We greeted the quiet yet warm Friday morning of September 14th in front of our Bestech Square branch. After a headcount, we boarded the bus and thus our 5 and a half hour long journey started.

Couple of washroom stops and a breakfast break later, we reached our drop-off point in Mashobra from where we trekked to Mashobra Greens, our campsite.

Once the busy town was left behind in the woods, we were welcomed by tall deodars and a road absolutely less traveled. What we didn’t know was that piping hot tea and crunchy snacks were also waiting for us, courtesy Mashobra Greens.

                           One of the Best Campsites and Bamboo Cottages Ever!

After a couple of hours’ worth of rest, it was time for fun to unfold as the Sun bid farewell. A bonfire party lit up the night sky.

                      Karam Decided to Warm Up Before Getting Into The Party Mode

Saturday early morning woke us up with cold weather, colder breeze and a comforting cup of hot tea. Once we were done getting ready and having our breakfast, it was time for us to trek down the woods to the first activity spot: a waterfall where a zipline was patiently waiting for us.

                               These Daring Divas Left No Adventure Untouched

                                           Munish AKA MR. Been There Done That

The same spot also tested our mettle for heights and how we would tame it. Rappelling isn’t too difficult; you just need to keep your knees straight, your feet planted and your weight on the harness.

A waterfall was gushing along the rappelling spot. Some decided to stay there before going back. But we were many, so by the time all were done rappelling, it was time for lunch.

Tiring activities followed by a hearty meal do call for a nap, but not for everyone. Some strolled and basked in the sun and some found great company in booze.

Saturday evening meant two more activities: Valley Crossing and Burma Bridge. After making our arms and shoulders go through a grueling workout on former and maintaining balance on the latter, the sundown called for another bonfire. The last bonfire of this trip!

                         Kavya Isn’t Introspecting Here, She’s Just Waiting for Her Song

Sunday morning meant return to the good old city life. We were all packing our bags, but I guess none of us wanted to. We trekked back to the drop off point, patiently waiting for our bags (some chose to hitch a ride in the luggage carrier, and thus, the car had to make a second round for our bags).

              You Can Say The Trip is Over, But This Is From Where The Memories Begin

The 3-day 2-night experience in the woods, way away from honking horns and bustling roads is worth the journey. Team AblySoft is always up for an adventure, let’s see where the roads takes us the next time. Ciao!


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