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New Year Celebration at Ably Soft

As Jonathan Lockwood Huie says “ Celebrate endings because they precede new beginnings.”

Christmas and New Year are celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. Be it any country or religion, everyone enjoys this time of the month. Because this festive season is a perfect time for celebration, joy, and embarking on a new beginning.

Right from Christmas week to the first week of January, we all look forward to one particular thing for a happening get-together – Celebration. Right?

And Ably Soft-ians NEVER miss a chance to celebrate!!!

After all, Christmas and New Year office parties are one of the best parties.

Here’s a glimpse of how Ably Soft decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the most wonderful way possible.

Christmas Celebration at the Workplace

Who says you can’t get into the holiday spirit while at work?

Our minds were filled with excitement while thinking about the Christmas vibes. Let us all admit that decoration is the most fun part of Christmas. To keep the festive spirit high, the office space was embellished with fairy lights, tinsel, and Christmas hats, along with a Christmas tree decorated with lights, baubles, and other traditional ornaments. The entire workplace was decorated with splashes of red, green, blue, and gold, adding a little fun to the days before Christmas and getting everyone in high spirits.

Christmas and New Year Celebration at the Workplace

Secret Santa Activity

There is no better way to get into the festive spirit than by engaging in a Secret Santa activity that brings us all together. This activity was a special part of the celebration which made our workplace even more merrier. Every employee was a Secret Santa for someone that created a moment of togetherness and delight. There were gifts all around which made the office vibe even more joyous. The excitement was palpable when gifts were given.

Secret Santa Activity

And the party begins!

We just shifted to our normal routine after Christmas celebrations then a mail changed everything!

It was from HR and we came to know that the New Year party will be held at Tamzaara Kafe & Club, which is the coolest place in Chandigarh. Its vibrant ambiance and dazzling lights added charm to our party.

Let the music play!

Music is the soul of every party. There is no better way to get the audience up and dancing than with some great foot-tapping numbers. Hence, there was a special DJ organized for all the employees who take over the whole evening with the incredible shuffling of upbeat music. Such amazing music made us groove to the popular dance tracks of this season and ring in the new year. Each of us present at that party danced our hearts out.

Christmas and new year Celebration 1Christmas and new year Celebration 2Christmas and new year Celebration 3Christmas and new year Celebration

How can an amazing party be complete without delicious food?

To keep the spirits high, there was also a dinner party which included finger-licking starters, a luscious main course, and delicious desserts. Complementary sparkling beverages were also there to set the mood of the party. 

Finally, To preserve memories of the celebration, everyone gathered for clicking photographs while wearing amazing attire. The joy of seeing people capture beautiful moments by taking photos and selfies will live on in our memories for a long time.

That’s how we said goodbye to a wonderful year and had a whale of a time. Although every day is fun working at Ably Soft, but these parties were just like the cherry on the cake.

It is time to gear up for the new year with some new resolutions to bring all the good things in life and realize all your goals while experiencing eternal happiness.

We are looking forward to more fun, new opportunities, and amazing times this new year holds for us. AblySoft-ians started their 2023 with zeal and will continue serving our global clientele with perfection.

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