Fulfilling Day, And A Fun-filled Evening

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Women’s day is a special occasion every year at AblySoft as we believe in and support women power. This year too we added few more women’s day memories and took some time out to ask our own women what they feel about the day dedicated to them. Here are a few inferences drawn from those conversations.  

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is an occasion to mark the strength of womanhood. We all come together to honor the achievements and advancements women have achieved in all spheres of life. Women have worked extremely hard for gender equality, progress, development, politics and education; and this day just celebrates the same.

Are there any challenges and privileges that you stereotypically face because you are a woman?

The women of India do face various challenges and even privileges every given day. We have definitely come a long way from female feticide but physical violence and harassment now top the list. Women are now increasingly exploring all avenues and coming to the forefront. No gender discrimination at work, separate queues and a ladies night every now and then are a few things women out here look forward to.

If you could put on a parade for International Women’s Day, which woman would you put on the lead and why?

Well, has to be Oprah. She is wise and shows strength, perseverance, beauty, humility and elegance with utmost grace. She has used her fame with the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ to transform lives and for many other humanitarian causes. Not only this, but she encourages all women to come forward to make a change in the future. Ellen DeGeneres, Frida Kahlo, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama and Virginia Woolf were some other choices that would lead the Woman’s Day parade.

AblySoft celebrates its female employees every year with great enthusiasm. We are proud to have some great ladies onboard our teams! This year our staff celebrated the international IWD theme #PressforProgress and we pressed our female employees to take some time off to dress in their best gear and enjoy a surprise party.

Do check out the video below to catch a glimpse of our Women’s Day happiness and few conversations we had with our ladies.

Dedicated to the female power of AblySoft and all the women out there.

Happy Women’s Day!

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