Secret to Making People Open Emails Faster and Frequently DEBUNKED!

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“More often than not, I open these email blasts sent from various eCommerce portals about enticing offers and deals, and tend to throw them to my virtual wastebaskets for they serve no purpose to my needs. There are only some that I open perhaps because they look great at once and say it all without making me doubt or think too much. They BOOM, while reassuring me the control to opt in and out. Also, the ones I happen to click at a flick are those that sound real & personalized. The emails that tend to talk to me and touch me to turn to them are the ones that interest me to look for more”

About 70% of digital marketers consider email marketing as one of the top mediums for minting massive ROI. It is also known to be 20X more effective than other marketing channels. Emails are cost effective, versatile, immediate, personal and trackable. However all this only helps if at all your emails are opened and taken action upon. So how exactly can you make ‘THEM’ click to open your e-envelopes, subscribe and buy more?

Find out how open rates for your emails can become higher than ever:

  • Keep the subject line short; ensure it is not beyond 50 characters. Exclamation or overly enthusiastic lines might sound engaging, but they don’t work always. Instead focus upon messages that relay timely and pertinent information. Whatever you write, make it look and sound legitimate. Avoid any misleading or vague subject line and it should often include your company name. For example, test with 1% of your list — 100 out of 10,000. Even if you have a standard subject line for your newsletter, it’s a good idea to test a new twist every six months or so. Better yet, enlist your readers in voting for the new “title” for your newsletter subject line.
  • Make it sound personalized. Use your recipient’s name in the subject line. Such messages improve the click through rates by 14% and conversion by almost 10%.
  • Research about your target audience and find out the right frequency of communication. Don’t bombard them with your emails and leave them sighing, but don’t ignore either.
  • It is an absolute no-no to use spam messages or traps and subject lines. To be on the safer side, run your email through a spam filter before pushing it out.
  • You get greater response to your emails if they read, hi, hey, quick question etc. Be specific about your messages to achieve higher open rates in your emails. Numbers and specificity of the message are always enticing. Make ‘Them’ stare at your figures or numbers mentioned in the mail for long enough to know more about. Imagine “How I Made $125,677 in Six Days with One Blog” will have people thinking HOW?
  • Make them emotional and show a final solution. Strike the emotional chord with your readers and provide them a solution that is positively influential.
  • Make it more like a movie trailor that makes ‘THEM’ salivate at the mouth on what could happen next. Watched one of those trailors when something really dramatic teases you throughout and suddenly at the moment when the ‘what’s next’ about to happen, the trailor ends and launch date shows? Let the curiosity grab their minds.
  • Send your email blasts like strategized and planned. Make a list of those people who didn’t open the email and resend them the email with a completely revamped or new hot button.
  • Reassure ‘THEM’ some life changing mantra or belief, or help them overcome some sort of deep seated fear they haven’t touched on for years. Establish this essence in your email blasts and make them click to read more and subscribe.

If you have already come so far reading, drive back home these pointers and make the most of them by integrating these into your email marketing campaigns.

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