A Day To Remember – Women’s Day Celebration At Ably Soft

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International Women’s Day is a day of celebration and reflection on the progress that has been made toward gender equality. It is an important day to recognize the achievements of women and inspire future generations to keep working toward women’s empowerment. This day motivates us to continue working towards creating a world where everyone is treated equally including in the workplace regardless of their gender. 

On March 8th, our male colleagues came together to make this day special for our female staff and it was truly a memorable experience. To kick off the celebration, the day started with our male colleagues surprising our female members with extremely cute cupcakes on their desks. This little gesture brightened up their day and gave them a happy start. 

These delectable cupcakes perfectly captured the essence of women’s day with a delightful taste and stunning presentation.  


We then had a photoshoot with our female colleagues, where they were all dressed up in white attires and posed amazingly in front of the camera. All were wearing white as this color represents purity, hope, and new beginnings. By wearing white, women showed their support for gender equality and their commitment to equal women’s rights.

They were all radiating bright with confidence and joy wearing big cheerful smiles. It was an enjoyable and empowering experience that brought all women closer together as a team.

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Later, in the afternoon, our male colleagues organized a lavish lunch for all female members. It was a lovely surprise to see them put in so much effort to make all women feel special on this day. They were served delectable Indian cuisines and sweets. All women felt pampered and appreciated by the lovely gestures of our male colleagues.

It was an amazing way to bond and show appreciation for each other. As the day come to a close, we all left the office with a sense of fulfillment, pride, and joy. It was heartening to see all the male colleagues show their utmost support and appreciation for all the female members.

It made all female colleagues feel valued and cherished as part of the team in the organization. This day served as a reminder to keep progressing and making efforts toward women’s empowerment, especially at our workplace. International women’s day is an important day to celebrate women, their achievements, and their contributions to society.

At Ably Soft, women comprise many important roles in various departments. We strive to ensure women have parallel opportunities to expand their skills and take on new challenges to take their careers forward. Ably Soft believes in encouraging gender diversity and working towards increasing the overall percentage of women in our workforce and in leadership roles. 

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Our little office celebration is a heartwarming experience that brought all female members together as a team and made them feel appreciated. In the end, we wish all the amazing women out there a very Happy International Women’s Day. You are strong, beautiful, compassionate, and contribute to our lives in several ways. Keep shining!

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