Celebrating Our Men – International Men’s Day Celebration At Ably Soft

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Men's Day Celebration

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. – Albert Einstein

Gender balance has always been at the heart of our efforts at Ably Soft and for years we have been encouraging every member of our team to take steps, big or small, to achieve this goal. We have succeeded to an extent and have come a long way, but we believe that there is a lot more to be done, to challenge, and to grow.

The month of November is important for the masculine souls because it gathers an important event which is International Men’s Day. This day is an acknowledgment of the evolution of the role men play as equality partners; positively contributing at work, at home, and in the community.

It is in fact a good time to talk about the need to engage more men in gender-inclusive policies at the workplace. When we speak of creating equal opportunities at work, the conversation usually revolves around women; yet, for truly innovative and inclusive workplaces, we need to move beyond – to consider equality for all.

To promote inclusion, here at Ably Soft, we have come up with policies aimed at creating equality. Traditionally men didn’t have much ownership of childcare, but as these attitudes are changing, our parental policies focus on the nature of the caregiver(primary/secondary) rather than the gender of the caregiver.

At Ably Soft, male employees get paid paternity leave to support their families and provide childcare. The successful implementation of such policies at Ably Soft is something that truly makes us proud. This is in line with men stepping in as allies to women at work, as well as more equal partners at home, doing their fair share of family and childcare.

Moreover, inclusive teams produce better results and that benefits everyone. To mark this day and to make it memorable, we thought of organizing an event for our super-men of Ably Soft.

Let’s take you through how we celebrated International Men’s Day  2022 at Ably Soft.

The women at Ably Soft thought of making this day memorable for all the men. They organized a mini event so that all men can enjoy, relax and have some rejuvenating time. The day started with a “Selfie Contest” where all male members were requested to click their selfies within the office premises and submit them in a limited time period.

To make the selfies stand out and related to Men’s Day theme, they were allowed to use props, slogans, hashtags, etc. and the one with the most innovative and creative selfie would be the winner. Everyone participated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm and the selfies they clicked were really creative.

These pictures aptly depicted their thoughts on Men’s day. Each of them wrote heart-touching captions under their photos that deeply touched everyone. Through common voting, a winner was picked and gifts were given to acknowledge their efforts. Meet our winner of the “Selfie Contest” and some thought-provoking selfies of the day.


In the evening everyone gathered at the activity hall to have a great time. Red Bull happily sponsored energy drinks for our event and everyone enjoyed sipping these drinks. It truly gave them wings and energized them to kick-start the event.


The girls of Ably Soft organized fun games for the men so that they can have a moment of rejoicing from their monotonous working schedules. The event started with wishing all men a happy International Men’s Day and thanking them for their support and cooperation.


Following was a fun game called “Balloons and Pins”. In this game, participants were given a balloon to inflate. After inflating their own balloon, they had to burst another person’s balloon with the pin provided to them while protecting their own. The one left with an intact balloon at the end was the winner.

This game instantly got everyone energized and moving around. They really got to re-live their childhood while playing that game chasing each other. After this fun and frolic game, the contest for Mr. Ably Soft started, the men were divided into teams and they had to go through different rounds in order to win the title of Mr. Ably Soft.

The rounds included different dares, Bollywood quizzes, and other fun activities. Each participant answered the Bollywood dialogue quiz questions with so much zeal and fervor. And, the best part was each man showed utmost sportsmanship while performing different dares given to them. Every participant displayed boundless energy and enthusiasm throughout the activities.

In the end, the winners were given tokens of appreciation in the form of gift hampers.


Celebrations are incomplete without a cake. So, we ended the day by cutting the manliest cake ever, decorated with a mustache and a bow tie symbolizing the spirits of Men’s day.



Later, all feasted over lip-smacking burgers and cold drinks and ended the day on a joyous note. Lastly, a big shout out to all men here who despite all odds and obstacles paved the way for themselves in this over-ambitious world. We, at Ably Soft, consider ourselves fortunate to have met so many talented, intuitive, and hardworking men with whom we work.

It’s been a pleasure to have them all here. Thank you for keeping our faith in good men intact and we hope you will always keep it. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy International Men’s Day to all the men out there. Keep doing your best as you always do.

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