Not Just a Great Company, But a Great Workspace Too!

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AblySoft new building

They say your workplace should reflect your company’s personality, and it always does. From employee satisfaction to talent acquisition to increasing productivity, the office space plays a major role in every aspect of professional life. It is also a reflection of how well you are doing as a business.

A growing business needs to make room for more people, and sometimes, making room means moving to a new location altogether.

This is the story of AblySoft’s New Head office Building.

AblySoft new building              The new building: Where dreams are born and turned to reality every day.

Today, we successfully completed our relocation to new office building, located at Sector 82, JLPL Industrial Area, Mohali.

                   True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.

        Manish Bhalla, our CEO, cheerfully looking at the office relocation checklist being “All Good”

Coming back to the original thought, the elements such as teamwork, cooperation, playfulness, and comfort make Mondays tolerable. From voluminous work to leisure area, the new AblySoft office perfectly reflects and reinforces the company’s core values. And now, Mondays have become better than ever before!

Following are the space-defining elements of the new AblySoft Office:

AblySoft office                                 Dedicated Space for Interviews and Reality Checks 

Meetings rooms and conference halls are equipped with high quality office furniture and all other necessary facilities. It is the go-to-zone for the Ably Soft team working on various projects to share updates, and conduct quick-status report.

AbySoft meeting rooms                        The Terrific Trio: Working hard so they can party harder

AblySoft Digital Marketing Team                                       Digital Heroes Planning a New Strategy

To improve the work culture in the office, we created a recreational area that makes the workplace more enjoyable and relaxed.

AblySoft refreshing corner                                    A refreshing corner for the zonked geniuses!

AblySoft Funzone                                       There’s always a room for laughter

With interdepartmental communication, the employees appear to be more approachable to each other and the organization works as a cohesive unit.

interdepartmental communication

And just when you think you need to be somewhere else to think clearly, AblySoft gives your thoughts a good swing!

AblySoft content team               Shalini Working On A New Content Plan: You’ll Get a Hang of it Eventually 

Not just work, we like to make sure we are a healthy team, and thus, we do have something for our mental and physical well-being.

AblySoft yoga session                                 They Said It Was Yoga, And They Made Me a Tree

AblySoft Development Team                  Quality means doing things the right way, even when no one is looking

The office environment at AblySoft helps in building a strong workforce that is always at the top of their game.

Meeting rooms                                       Meeting rooms are mission launch pads

Content and IMA Team                          Content and IMA Team Working on Another Amazing Idea

AblySoft Conference room                        Conference room: the training ground for success

These rooms are also an ideal space to take care of confidential information and conversations such as new product launches, innovative ideas, and other important information.

                            Pre-lunch meetings equals hungry looking faces

An encouraging work environment inspires employees to enjoy work, and it can do wonders for an organization. Employees in AblySoft have the right attitude, are more creative, and encourage team building that is vital to an organization’s success.

If you would also like to be a part of this amazing work culture, all you need to do is just visit our job section and send us your resume.

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