Website Design and Development Trends For Your Online Business

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Online businesses can do well only by providing their audience with the best user experience. Emerging trends keep changing in terms of functionality, sustainability, web design, and development. These trends guide us to make the best possible changes and discard anything unsuitable.

Below we have mentioned some web development and design trends that will strongly impact online businesses globally.

1. Re-engineered Programming 

Technology is evolving in tandem with the need of the hour. Functional programming has been around for quite some time now, but the latest updates in JavaScript like ES6 and ES7 has brought more benefits. These updates allow programmers to simplify codes using arrow functions and object spreading makes it effortless to fabricate new elements from existing values. Async/Await now makes call functions more comprehensive in functional programming.

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2.  Bold is Better

Speaking from website design’s perspective, bold color scheme have been used increasingly. Designers now prefer more vibrant and bright colors while designing a website for a specific niche. A perfect combination of bright colors is used in the background as well as the text of the website.

3. Innovative backgrounds and shapes

Most websites and apps now boast aggressive and innovative designs. Web designers now use backgrounds with amoeboid blobs of bold colors, minimalistic shapes, dramatic diagonals, straight lines and other spherical shapes.

4. Progressive web apps

PWAs have a UX similar to native apps and give users a familiar look, feel and functionality. The interesting part is that they run on the browser, and don’t need to be installed on the device.

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5. AI and Chatbots

AI has been around from last year but now business can put it into action with the help of conversational interface and Voice assistance. Technology has incorporated these trends to provide the internet users with a seamless experience.

With the enhancement of innovation in every field of technology, chatbots are getting smarter and more efficient.

6. Avant-Garde Typography

Typography has always been an attractive tool for catching the attention of the users. Web designers are now moving ahead and exploring new and innovative typography. Some synchronization between fonts helps in providing the dynamic user experience.

7.  Safer and More Secure Websites 

Better security with SSL (secure socket layer) allows your website to establish an encrypted connection between the server and the browser. Business are using SSL certificate more now as they want to protect sensitive data, eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks, phishing and also provides better and more efficient SEO.

8. More Visual Content 

If a good picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand such pictures. Photos and videos have more impact on a visitor’s attention as compared to written content. Make sure your audiovisual content is authentic and conveys a story or something of value to the customer. Videos also have advantages over GIF’s and can be incorporated seamlessly into website’s base design.

9. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology allows data to be shared or distributed but prohibits it from being copied. Blockchains keep all transaction parties in the loop; enable supply chain auditing, smart contracts, and failure-free decentralized storage for files. It also paves the path for crowd funding and peer-to-peer commerce.

10. Single page website

Many businesses are letting go of their traditional homepages and navigations and are exploring new dynamics in the web development industry. Development is primarily focusing on voice and touch functionality. Business can now look forward to single page website which offers information seamlessly, without complex navigation and page shifting.

11. Floating navigation menu

The latest and effective trends for web designer are the floating navigation menu. Designers nowadays detaching the navigation bar visually from other elements and placing it below the browser’s chrome. The menu thus floats like a constant element on all web pages making it a universal object on your website.

12. Storytelling    

Designers and product development team will understand that storytelling has become an important part of web development. Build your product and your website around a storyline it makes it more human and adds a touch of realism. There is the rise in designers using animation as their favorite tool for storytelling.

13. Real-Time Support 

This is the best time for web developer to deploy chatbots for interactive and smarter work. Chatbots can answer customer’s queries, find products and even help in payment. Utilize the power of Chatbots for your benefits, as they help in curbing the investment needed in deploying human resources.


After few years the web design and development trends change, these trends will influence the online business world. Now is the time to act fast and see where the website stands in the market. Some time ago, these above-mentioned trends were nowhere around and marketers could not have thought a bot will do all the talking with the customer.

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